Renowned worldwide as a natural and quality food, Quebec’s maple syrup is a product whose purity, food safety and authenticity are subject to recognized quality control. Every barrel sold by the Federation is inspected. The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers has authorized Cintech Agroalimentaire to inspect the quality control of maple syrup in large containers, according to the Entente relative à la gestion de l’inspection des produits de l’érable en grands contenants. This quality control is made under the Loi sur la mise en marché des produits agricoles, alimentaires et de la pêche.

In Quebec, there are three designations for maple syrup that can also be combined: 


Organic Maple Syrup

About 12 % of Quebec‘s maple syrup is certified organic. Organic standards aim at the maple grove management plant diversity, fertilization, pest control, and at tapping, collecting and processing of maple water. Maple farmers conform themselves to these level s of quality, included in the book of standards, at all stages of the maple syrup fabrication, from the maintenance and farm management to the collection, storage and processing of maple water, cleaning of the equipment, storing of the finished product and processing of derivative maple products. 



SIROPRP is the official certification for quality of the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers. It guarantees the authenticity of maple syrup sold in Quebec and the conformity of the classification standards (flavour and colour). It gives the customers a standard of quality recognition (by means of a standard specification) and provides the maple syrup producers an accredited quality control system. It ensures traceability of the maple syrup production sold directly to Quebec customers.

SIROPRO’s certification program is managed by the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, which assures that the maple farmers and the accredited processors follow SIROPRO’s project specifications (see below). An independent firm ensures that SIROPRO quality standards for finished products sold in groceries are followed. 


Kosher Maple Syrup

Maple water must be submitted to a converting process to create maple syrup (by boiling maple water), since it cannot be consumed directly after being collected from the tree.

To be certified kosher, maple syrup must adhere to a rigorous production procedure, in order to meet Jewish food law standards. Since there is not such specifications sheet that can be used for all maple producers in Quebec, each production of each maple grove must be inspected and tested individually by a rabbi who verifies that anything coming in contact with the product is certified kosher: from the equipment to the machinery, from the soap used to wash the equipment to the different additives used to stabilize the foam during boiling.

 For producers who want to offer a kosher product, inspection of their production process lasts on average one to two weeks, and must be repeated every year.

Source : Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers